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Atlantic Awning was founded in 2001 by two of the most experienced awning professionals in Virginia. With the industry stuck in the 1800's, we saw the need and the demand for a quality product and service for a reasonable price. This has been the model since the start and still remains to this day! We are an innovative company and have managed to change the awning industry in our region. We have become a leader in our industry by consistantly and significantly raising the bar for other companies.

We are a full service awning company with over 65 years of actual experience. We specialize in residential and commercial awnings, canopies and shading systems.

Our in house manufacturing allows us to provide our customers with a premium quality product for a much lower price.

We keep our prices low by not spending thousands of dollars on advertising, fancy showrooms, gaudy vehicle advertising ,etc. It's actually pretty simple "We save money to save you money"

We will provide you with a free "NO Hassle: estimate. For further information go to our "Contact Us" page or call (804) 763-4007

12631 Oaklake Crest Way, Midlothian, Va 23112

(804) 763 - 4007

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